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I was born and grew up in Mexico, and from a young age, I developed a love for the natural world and a passion for wildlife. I found joy and beauty in remote, wild places, and developed a strong desire to study Zoology after doing some fieldwork monitoring Arctic Foxes in Iceland, macaws in Peru and animal rescue and rehabilitation in Costa Rica. 

I studied Zoology at the University of Leeds and came to realize that conservation can only truly be effective with people at its core. One of the best ways that I felt I could make change was to raise awareness about key conservation and environmental topics. 

My friend and I decided to start a wildlife-themed podcast called Zoology Ramblings, which allowed us to share our love for the natural world with others. Our podcast started as an informal conversation at a kitchen table in Wales, and it’s now an award-winning podcast with over 7,000 followers. We didn’t aim or expect it to grow this much, we just love that there’s a global community of people who find joy in the wildlife and conservation topics we are talking about. 

My friend and I also collaborated with a film production company to create an online educational platform called The Biome Project. This was a space where we could create documentaries, host video podcasts and interview conservation professionals. With the backing of a professional film company, we were able to create some amazing content and talk to some incredible people. Personal highlights for me include creating a documentary about UK Rewilding, which has been submitted to several wildlife film festivals, and getting to interview people like George Monbiot, Gordon Buchanan and Derek Gow.  

In my free time, I enjoy going for walks, taking pictures and putting up camera traps to monitor local wildlife, including foxes, badgers and deer


I’ve worked as the Wildlife Champions Coordinator at Avon Wildlife Trust for over a year. My role involves supporting and upskilling people to help bring their nature-based ideas and projects to life. It’s been a wonderful experience developing and shaping the Wildlife Champions Programme alongside the amazing Wildlife Champions. We have 20 Wildlife Champions in 12 postcode areas across Avon, and the aim is to have champions in every postcode in the region by 2030.

The Wildlife Champions Programme is part of the wider Team Wilder movement, which is all about noticing and celebrating nature in our day-to-day lives. There’s some very exciting behavioural research that shows that if 1 in 4 people are visibly taking action for nature, then that’s enough to create a tipping point where the majority will follow. By taking action for nature in their local communities, each champion is inspiring others to do the same, driving us closer to that 1 in 4 tipping point.

Seeing communities come together to take action at a local scale makes me hopeful. In the face of enormous challenges like the biodiversity and climate crises, I feel inspired and motivated that change is possible

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