I got back into photography about four years ago, mostly as a result of my family’s shared enthusiasm and support for the pastime. Whilst daily litter picking around my local parks, I’d discover new perspectives from which to view the environment. This along with tidying up is quite satisfying and therapeutic. I watched and recorded changes throughout the seasons from sunrise to sunset, with my phone, plants, people, animals, birds, and insects. I would always try to take a picture when something caught my eye and it lifted my spirits.

I shared some of my pictures on Reddit r/bristol. A Redditor suggested I enter the Friends of St George Park 2022 calendar competition, with 3/4 of my pictures published.

" I take pictures in our parks because… It's my outlet to discover, create, relax and engage with nature. Away from the pressures I feel from time to time." - Bernard

I am inspired by the many different shapes colours, textures and activities in our parks. How the light affects it and the different perspectives I might be able to take a picture of it. From changing camera settings, my position or changing my lens. It helps that I remain curious to see what something might look like when I’ve taken a picture of it.

Some Photos taken by Bernard in St George Park

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